4 Ways to Remove Puffiness, Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

4 Ways to Remove Puffiness, Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

When you search for under-eye dark circles and puffiness treatment on the internet, you will come across 21 million results that will help you know how to overcome the issue of puffy and dark circles under the eyes. It's helpful to understand why those dark patches and puffiness exist in the first place before looking at what might work—and what would unquestionably make the problem worse. It's typical to have dark circles under the lower eyelids. People may say unkind things about how tired you look if you have dark circles under your eyes or bags under your eyes. There are numerous causes for dark circles. It's not always due to insufficient sleep.

The reason why you get puffiness under your Eyes

While it is simple to recognize puffy eyes, diagnosing them is more complicated. Finding the source of your puffy eyes can be tricky unless you were weeping or had a restless night. We must first identify their cause to treat swollen eyes, which may necessitate an elimination procedure. Some of the reasons for puffiness under the eyes-

  • Lack of Sleep

When you wake up and see your tired-looking mirror, complete with puffy eyelids, you know the anguish it may cause if you've ever had an extremely long night or didn't get any sleep.

  • Allergies

One typical side effect of allergy season is puffy eyelids. When you face an allergic problem, the body goes through full-on attack mode and releases histamines. Histamine happens because of hive-like reactions and inflammation, particularly near the eyes.

Ways to remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

  • Using Cold Compress

Using cold items will help to reduce swelling and irritation in puffy eyes, but some treatments are more effective than others. You can reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to your eyes for several minutes. Buy an ice pack or something, keep it in the freezer, and use it every night before sleep. 

  • Tea Bagged

For decades, tannins from caffeinated tea have been used as a well-known home remedy because they have a mild diuretic effect. Before applying them to the eyes, several freshly soaked bags should be chilled in the fridge for about five minutes.

  • Applying Eye Creams

There are many under-eye dark circles creams available in the market that can work best. One such is the Avocado Under Eye Cream from Narre, carrying natural extract and is lightweight. With Avocado, you will witness brightened eyes and a reduction in dark circles.

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  • Following right diet

The main reasons behind the puffed or dark-circle eyes are a lack of potassium, excessive salt consumption in your diet, and dehydration. Changing your dietary and drinking routines will allow you to quickly determine if your diet is the main reason behind those puffy eyes. Start by drinking more water and cutting back on your alcohol consumption.


Puffy eyes and dark circles are common among people but taking the proper care from the initial stage is essential. Follow the tips as mentioned above for better results.

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